Eat & Drink
About This Project

Pi Pizza restaurant



Goulding Capital



George’s Street, Dublin 2



1380 sq. ft





This project won the RIAI workplace award in 2019 and is the flagship restaurant for the new artisanal pizza brand Pi . The unit is located on Georges street in Dublin 2. The brief called for the complete strip out and refurbishment of  an existing bland double height unit and convert into a cool dramatic space with its own unique identity. The starting point and main feature both practically and visually is the italian pizza oven. The client wanted to have this front and centre of the space. He also wanted an industrial raw aesthetic which complements the steel mezzanine and maximises the double height. The materials and palette we chose reflect the young hip clientele he wanted to attract, bespoke Dtile tables, curved mesh lit walls, a shimmering tin can wall and rough concrete walls. We worked closely with the graphic designers so that the interior and exterior works with the signage and follows through on the overall look and feel of menus, tableware etc,